The Need to Change

I loved Sir Robinson’s argument so much I watched it numerous times! I am in total agreement with him. It tells me that our education has built a system for these crazy outcomes and that every student must be the exact same no matter their background, level, or learning ability. That is not the real world. We all come from different walks of life.

I believe that we should focus on the student and use the technology to teach the student. The number one goal is the student.

I love how he said not everyone needs to go to college or at least for now. There is so much pressure on students to pick a career in college instead of waiting to decide what they really have a passion for.  I never knew my passion was going to be teaching. I thought in school I would want to teach Agriculture, but while in college others in the program discouraged me so I changed my mind.  Years later I went back to Respiratory School and now I am an RT. I love being a  Respiratory Therapist and I love the fact I get to teach what I love.  Therefore, my day flies by I tell my husband I feel like I never have enough time. Eight hours isn’t enough to accomplish what I need to with my students. I am so passionate about it.



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